Karaoke Culture In The Philippines

karaoke philippines
Japan is frequently looked at as the karaoke capital of the world, often leaving The Philippines underappreciated

It is hard, almost impossible to spend time in The Philippines and not encounter Karaoke. The Philippines is known for producing some of the greatest singers in the world; I’m sure the almost universal love for singing and karaoke has a lot to do with this.

Karaoke is undoubtedly an integral part of the Philippines culture. Filipino’s are brought up with a love of singing, it becomes a normal past time of everyday life. If a visitors comes to the house, they will all sing together, or if its a special occasion they will enjoy singing as part of the celebrations. No matter where you are around the globe you’ll find that in every home owned by a Filipino, you will find a karaoke system.

Many entertainment establishments in the Philippines have joined the market with their own versions of karaoke machines. The karaoke industry is a lucrative market as the machine are used in gaming centers, bars, night clubs, and karaoke establishments across the country. Because of the popularity of karaoke machines in the Philippines, many businesses have moved to renting out their machines.

However, other than the usual karaoke machine seen and used by Filipinos, a new type of karaoke has been widely used across the country. Compared to the typical, bulky appearance of karaoke machines, these new machines are far more practical. These are the Magic Mic, which is a generic term used to define karaoke microphones. These Magic Mics have the karaoke system now built into the microphone itself.

One thing you may notice when singing karaoke in The Philippines is how often you will see images of famous locations used on the background of the screen. These companies have used the popularity of karaoke to try and boost the tourism industry in the country. They do this by showcasing famous locations around the country on their karaoke machines

I have found part of the popularity of karaoke comes from humiliating yourself in public. Belting out your rendition of Sinatra’s My Way — not recommended in the Philippines — is meant to either prove you have the chops to audition for American Idol or that you’re just dreaming. While my experience was based on me and most of the others humiliating ourselves; I quickly noticed that anyone with the slightest bit of vocal skill can manage to mildly entertain a crowd of enthusiastic drinkers.

Despite karaoke events generally being positives atmospheres; the atmosphere is sometimes ruined by fights, arguments, accidents and general negatively amongst families.

Though the majority of the time Karaoke is an ingredient for an enjoyable night in The Philippines. If you are here for a visit, it is essential that you schedule a visit to a KTV; and immerse yourself in one of the modern day cornerstones of Philippine culture.

As a side note, the term Karaoke is often substituted with the term videoke. When you hear this don’t get confused as they both refer to the same thing.

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