Voyage To Danasan Eco Adventure Park

danasan eco adventure park cebu danao
Danasan Eco Adventure Park is a fun filled Eco retreat deep in the mountains of Cebu

My trip to Danasan Eco Adventure Park was initially sparked by a passing recommendation from a friend. Before going all I knew was the park was fun and that I needed to take a bus to Danao; then from there ask somebody to take me to Danasan.

The following morning I was up early, ready to take the bus to Danao. The ride to Danao City was trouble free for us; in just under two hours we had arrived there from Cebu cities north bus terminal. Once in Danao, we were directed towards a group of motorcyclists who would be able to take us to Danasan Eco Adventure Park.

So within minutes of arriving in Danao, we were back on the road heading towards the park. This part of the ride was amazing, to say the least, it was actually one of the highlights of my day. I rarely venture outside of the major cities like Cebu and Manila so this was a relatively new experience for me.

Not long after beginning the ride we were weaving through an unsealed road surround by jungle landscapes. This followed shortly after by views of the mountains, which were dotted with patches of land that had been cleared to grow crops. The views offered by the ride to the park was worth the journey alone.

As we would pass through the villages the kids would run out to us. They would be shouting and waving, trying to greet us as we passed through their little village. It was amazing to see the full spectrum of environments people live in within this country; from the inner city condo to deep in the wilderness, high up in the mountains.

Once we got to the park I was surprised with how big the place looked. It was strange to think such a high-quality park was tucked away in the mountains, hours away from Cebu.

Once you arrive, make your way to the reception area out the front of the main building. From there it is as simple as picking out which single activity or package you want to try. I chose the ATV riding, basically because the pictures made it look the most exciting.

You are then taken in the back on a truck to the location of the activity. You then put on your equipment and then you’re briefed on how to use the motorbikes. After a few photos, we were on our way. Our leader took us through some roads around the property, which was quite fun. 

After a while, we got to an opening which had a loop style track with a hump in the centre. From there we were able to ride freely around the track for quite a while. This bit I loved, we were free to ride the bikes how we wanted, so everybody immediately began racing their ATVs around the track.

The ATV tour was actually quite long. After we finished it was already late in the afternoon. But we were already at Danasan Eco Adventure Park, we had to squeeze in as much as we could while we were there.

So next we chose to do the zip line and horseback riding. It was getting late so it seemed like a good idea to squeeze in activity which features two different experiences.

The zip line was fun, although I do it at so many places across the Philippines so it wasn’t really anything new. The horseback riding was quite fun. It was also my first time on a horse, or even using an animal as a form of transport. It was a nice experience riding through the property on a horse. Although because we were inexperienced we had to have guides leading the horses for us.

By the time we finished the horseback riding the sun was beginning to set. We only had a few minutes until our friend who took us to the park was going to arrive to pick us up; it was time for us to leave Danasan Eco Adventure Park. Even though we only had time for two activities I still had a lot of fun. Plus we still had the fun motorbike ride back through the mountains to do, so I was looking forward to that.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park rates

The activities range anywhere between P380 – 760 per person. It may seem expensive for some but the activities are all very long and engaging experiences, so you do get value for your money. For updates on the adventure and activity rates, please check their official website here. Danasan Eco Adventure Park also offers accommodation packages for their guests. They have a wide range of options to suit all price ranges. For an up to date summary of their rates, view their official website here.

How do I get there?

Danasan Eco Adventure Park offers a shuttle service. They can pick you from Parkmall in Cebu at 6:30 am and take you directly to Danasan (roundtrip for a minimum number of 10pax.) 450 per head (round trip). Alternatively, rides are available from Danao (Nano`s Pizza) at 9:00 am to Danasan (roundtrip) 300 per head (round trip) Transportation will depart from Danasan at around 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Alternatively, you can make your own way there, which requires a little extra work but was quite enjoyable. Buses to Danao are available from the North Bus Terminal in Cebu. Once you arrive in Danao city centre ask around for directions to the Jeepney terminal. There you will find plenty of motorbike riders who will be more than happy to take you up to Danasan. I can’t remember what I paid, but it was actually quite cheap.



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