Carabao, The Philippines Greatest Ally

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The Carabao has been one of The Philippines greatest allies over the ages.

What is The Philippines national animal? I was recently in discussion with a friend, for a second we were both adamant that the national animal was the Philippine Eagle. Though, I was also conflicted as the eagle was more widely known to be representative of the USA.

A countries national animal is said to be something unique to that region, something with an admirable nature, representative of the country in which it dwells. That is why after a quick Google search I felt ashamed that it took us so long to realize what the animal was.

Of course, it is the Carabao, also widely known as Water Buffalo. Once you venture from the countries metropolis, you will find these animals adorning the countries picturesque landscapes. They have graced these regions of The Philippines for centuries, believed to have moved into the region with the Malays.

How the Carabao helped build the nation

These majestic animals are also seen to represent the deep cultural roots of the country. As well as the nature of the people in modern times. They have been assisting farmers since the dawn of the nation; playing an integral role in the production of the countries food supply for generations – even up until modern times.

They represent the hardworking and patient nature Filipinos have become known for on the international stage. The Carabao has always remained by the side of the Filipino. Even during the many revolutions and wars to hit the country the carabao suffered mass casualties.

The Carabao has also continually assisted in the process of producing the countries cash crops for export – rice, corn, and sugarcane – which, in turn, contribute to the nation’s prosperity.

History shows that the Carabao has gone above and beyond in proving itself an ally of the Filipino people. The myriad of benefits brought by the creature has shown the creature to really be a “Beast of Fortune”.


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